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​LVI Associates’ annual Renewable Energy and Water Industries Salary Review has officially launched. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the comprehensive survey and contribute to our statistical research on the latest salary trends characterising the industry.

Salary benchmarks offer a future-facing perspective into the current state of the industry. By completing the survey, not only does set a cornerstone for the right optimal salaries, but it can help you reach the desired career goal, so you can continue to make a full contribution to the sector.

The questions in our survey cover a myriad of topics on salary and benefits, work-life balance, and remuneration packages. With almost over 1500+ professionals taking part last year, the survey shined an illuminating light on the Renewable Energy and Water sectors. This year’s survey is similarly confidential and only takes a couple of minutes to complete, so share your voice and make an invaluable contribution!

Click below to take the survey now:

Renewable Energy Industry Salary Review Survey 2021
Water Industry Salary Review Survey 2021

Download last year's result

Salary Snapshot 2021

Last year, with over 1,500+ professionals surveyed; the responses have allowed us to paint a detailed picture of the current industry-specific remuneration packages. These reports have gathered salary, holiday, benefits and career progression data from across ​Asia Pacific regions.

We encourage you to peruse, reference and benchmark against these reports with your current remuneration.

Download | Salary Snapshot 2021